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25 MSCL Icons [19 Jul 2011|01:24am]


You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you...
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ICON POST [06 Mar 2008|10:47pm]

[1-11] Harry Potter
[12-16] Twilight
[17-0] The Soup
[18-19] Harriet the Spy
[20-28] My So-Called Life

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Our Faithfulness to First Loves : Dear Jordan Catalano [22 Feb 2008|01:36am]


There were not even twenty episodes of My So-Called Life, yet the show has, if you’ll excuse the sloppy (semi) pun, lived on long past its original air date of August 25th, 1994. The one-hour drama centered around Claire Danes as 15-year-old Angela Chase was nothing short of captivating.

Jordan Catalano was the perfect leading man for Angela Chase. That is to say, he was entirely wrong for her, but he was irresistible. That’s how it goes. Our desires are never hardwired for what is easily attainable. Jordan was inarguably frustrating and equally endearing with his enigmatic quality. Not to mention his [ ... ]

I wonder what an aged version Angela, in 2008, would say to Jordan now. Though, I imagine it might go something like this…

Dear Jordan,

Time passes in funny ways. One minute I’m here in my day-to-day life, the world outside a blur as I work and interact with my self-made environment. An environment that I’ve chosen - or maybe it chose me. I can never be sure…

But in the next minute I can find myself in a time capsule, feeling sentimental and silly. And the thing is, I’m not just alone, I am actually lonely in these moments. I suppose it’s because the impressions of the past are too faint to be brought to life by my sheer will.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m back, stuck at the bring of 15. And I’m saying all of these wrong things and still you look at me like I could, somehow, contain meaning. Like, I could be more than [...]

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Our Faithfulness to First Loves : Dear Jordan Catalano

re-release? [06 Oct 2007|05:12pm]

Just wondering if anyone else had heard anything about the Show being re-released on DVD. My sister told me its due to come out around November or something. I'd be v. interested in any details.
Thanks, lovelies. :D
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[29 Apr 2006|05:25pm]
i hope its ok to post this here if not let me know and i'll delete it.

I have a coimmunity called msclicontest. It is an icon contest community for the short lived but popular tv show My So-Called Life. We need people to enter and also people to vote, so come along and join even if you are not an icon maker, but definatly if you are an icon maker.

Thanks folks.

[06 Aug 2005|10:18am]

My husband went to see 30 second to Mars last night. He is a muscian himself and scored back stage passes. He was talking to Jared Leto and thought he'd be cute and have him say hello to me. So, I talked to Jared Leto on the phone and all I could say was, "Hey". If I would have just had some warning, I could've been a little more clever. Argh!
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[30 Jul 2005|10:14am]

Has anyone ever watched the show "Eyes" with AJ Langer on it? I've never watched it but I've heard good things about it.
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hey there [19 Jun 2005|06:08pm]

Hey! like Claire Danes?
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us too! Join claire_stills
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[14 Jun 2005|11:11am]

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[27 Mar 2005|05:50pm]

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Grade 11

Craig Manning
Jimmy Brooks
Hazel Aden
Marco Del Rossi
Jay Hogart

Grade 10

JT Yorke
Toby Isaacs
Sean Cameron
Chris Sharpe
Liberty Van Zandt
Rick Murray


Danny Van Zandt
Dylan Michalchuk
Matt Oleander

guns and gossip [22 Mar 2005|02:28pm]

hey lovelies
i realized yesterday just how long its been since i've borrowed those mscl videos from the library. and i realized that i truly must own the DVD collection, or my so-called life will never be complete. ^_^

i just love how you can relate the the characters and everything on so many levels.

so thats what i have to say. wow.
hope you all are well.
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[28 Feb 2005|07:07pm]

can anyone point me to some tabs for "Red" (jordan's song)?
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[18 Feb 2005|09:37pm]

[ mood | dsfg ]

hey, im new to this community. but anyway, I'm so insanley obsessed with my so-called life it's wrong.

but does anyone else feel like every line anyone says in that show has a deep impact?

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mscl info [01 Feb 2005|05:21pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

did anyone catch the ER episode with scott iwrin? he played graham chase in mscl..it was a amazing episode..wow..i could'nt believe how different he looked..i mean yea i know it's been about 10yrs since mscl came on and shortly ended it's run but now it's back on the air..family channel in canada..later that night i watched mscl..could'nt believe how different he looked..and in that ep of er he played a dad as well.

has anyone heard about the re-release of mscl dvd box set?..does anyone know if they will re-release it?..i would really like to have it, it would be a good show to let my children watch in the future.

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[31 Jan 2005|04:23am]

Since it's too pricey to get the DVD sets and since eventually, they'll probably rerelease them, I'm looking to procure the show on DIVX to tide me over. I've checked Torrentspy and LokiTorrent, and had no luck. Can anybody help me out or offer suggestions?

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[24 Jan 2005|04:34pm]


Ad for rating commiuntyCollapse )

[07 Jan 2005|10:53pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

This is a random part of a story i'm starting to write i can't seem to start it from the beginning..even though it's all in my had all worked out..but for now this is called angels or another title 'the coming of a new faith'..it's with the my so called life characters.. this is when patti's neice(has no name yet) comes to stay with the chases because patti's widowed older sister is gone for buissiness in europe and does'nt want to leave her alone. their neice comes to the family with faith and love since..she has no father since he left her when she was a baby and her mother is hardly ever around ..so since angela is still bickering with her mother,rebeling and all that stuff..her cousin is trying to teach angela about how important her family is to her. since..her cousin never had a mother and father like angela has,or a little sister. the stranger comes in,and gets attached to the parents and her cousins become like sisters she is very religious since it's the only thing she can turn too since the chases are her only family left,and so she's not going to be too preachie,but she will show them important lessons in different ways to get the family a little closer..i mean like until the accident..this is takes place before angela gets together with jordan catelano

-the resturant scene- "do you really know what happens in the resturant bathrooms?"

Aunt Patti, uncle graham, cousin’s Angela, Danielle and I decided to go out to a new restaurant that had just opened, uncle graham wanted to see how good the food was. Since he was a cook and all and might open a restaurant himself.

We all had been shown to our table. We all sat down and had ordered our beverages. I had excused myself from the table to use the bathroom, the bathroom was on the other side of the restaurant located at the back, the door was hidden, but all you could see was a sign with an arrow in the direction where it was located.

I had got to the door when I heard a loud talking on the other side, loud noise and someone crying then there was an eerie silence in the place. It was too eerie to turn around like one of those moments when everyone stops talking. Someone was in the washroom now cursing like a drunken sailor; they were kicking the stall doors I could hear, metal hitting metal. I couldn’t help but wonder why was not anybody else hearing this? I was scared but I still stood in front of the door.

I felt a tug as someone was trying to get out so I let go and hid under the nearest table booth, I curled up and waited. Out rampaged a man in his 30’s he had grey pants and white dress shirt; there was blood all over him. As soon as he appeared he was gone leaving everyone in the restaurant speechless until the coast was clear…

Someone yelled out “where did he come from!”

Someone else from another part of the restaurant yelled in reply, “he came from the women’s washroom!”

Patti and Graham were stunned by what they said.

“Graham” Patti turned to her husband realizing her niece had gone there a few minutes ago.

“Stay here, I’ll go find her” Graham got up and casually looked around for his niece.

Graham had gotten near the bathroom saying to people “have you seen my niece.”

He had turned around to face Patti who was watching in fear, he shrugged to her. He heard a small voice say.

“Uncle Graham”

He started hearing his niece calling out he started looking around until the voice said

“Under here” a little louder.

He got down on his knees looking at a frightened young girl. “Oh my god” he said when he saw her under the table huddled.

“Come here” he said and reached out to her. His niece Angela’s age was fifteen. Brown long hair, green eyes and tan skin from her father’s side, an Italian decent. She embraced her uncle as she cried in a hush tone only she could hear; her uncle was giving her words of comfort.

“Where’d graham go” Patti said getting more anxious.

In comfort Angela said, “She’s okay mom, she wasn’t in there” she shook her head as she watched her mother’s expression.

Patti turned to her and said in hope, “I hope your right” she sighed and looked for graham.


“Come on your aunt is worried sick,” he said as he got to his feet and then helped her. They both walked towards the table seeing Patti with tears in her eyes. “Thank you god” she whispered and walked up to her niece and hugged her.

“You alright, hunny” aunt Patti asked as she held her nieces face in her hands

“Yeah” her niece looking at her “I’m alright” her niece smiled and sat down next to Angela

“So what happened back there?” Angela asked curiously, as her parents were talking amongst themselves.

“I’ll tell you later” as she took a drink of sweet tea. “How can you be so calm about this?” Angela asked

“I don’t want your mom to freak out, alright,” her cousin said in a hush tone.

“What are we going to do now?” Danielle asked looking around waiting for an answer but no one spoke. A minute later Patti and graham turned around to us and said “come on were leaving”.


post comment if it interests you..i mean i'll prolly end up writting the whole thing just for something for me to do



hey mscl fans [06 Jan 2005|03:43pm]

[ mood | creative ]


I'm a new to this communitie, i've been watching MSCl for last couple months and i'm tottally addicted, family channel in canada shows mscl monday-thurs at 11..12pm my time.

Last night they showed the pilot which i've only seen twice...i've seen mostly all eps once or twice and there aren't many i fancy, but i can relate to angela..she reminds me of myself,and now since i watched mscl i want to dye my hair red!, but not that kinda red tho..anyways...

i just want to share with all ya mscl fans my favorite eppys that i got to tape..yes..old school using vhs's to tape off tv since i can't find the dvd box set..boo, they should re-issue it since mscl is coming back on tv..and i agree it is the best teen drama ever, and jared leto is hot!

anywho, here are my fave eps.

pilot,Halloween,other's peoples mothers,strangers in the house,so called angel

I think so called angel is one of the best episodes, and i love that ep, i cried the first time i saw it because it was so touching, i mean from patti's point of view how she's afriad of losing angela and even though angela can't stand being smothered by her mother there is still something there between them, remember other peoples mothers? i mean when rayanne o'd'ed' i mean angela coulda called someone else, like her dad or someone else but the question is why?, why did angela call her mom for help when rayanne was in trouble. and or why at the end of other peoples mothers after angela and her mom finished talking and angela went into the house, why did patti start crying, was it because she was crying because she was glad it was'nt angela who took those pills, or was she crying over the memory of her friend dying for an over-dose when she was in college and that moment caught up with her,or was she crying because she was holding alot of stuff back and she needed a good cry?, it really stomped me, and even though i've seen other peoples mother's 2 times..i still wonder why is she crying..i just thought maybe because she was glad it was'nt angela..but i still don't understand do you know why she was crying?  well. but i think that ep broke the barrier to angela and patti's relationship. Graham and patti were great on screen parents i think..and rayanne reminds me of a friend i knew in high school..they act indentical...but...if rayanne drinks..how come we never seen her smoke?, or if the chases' have a cat how come we never see it..and why is daniele always there when angela and her parents are arguing..standing there on the stairs and watching over them like a statue it's like eerie..

and what ever happened between angela and jordan..i know angela was keeping it a secert about wanting to have sex with him, but remember the episode when she said she was going to do it (not remembering the ep name) and just before it ends jordan comes to the chases and graham is pretending to be sleeping on the couch but he's really listening to them talking and even though angela does'nt know. but anyways did they ever do it? or is that why jordan left her because she went back on his promise even though it was something huge like that?  I want the dvd set but i can't find it anywhere or the books because it's outta print and i'm mad at about that because i've seen for the complete series dvd there are episodes on it that never made it to tv or something like that, it's a good teen drama and i wish i had been able to watch it when i was in high school because it coulda prepared me in what was to come..even though high school is'nt what it's pretrayed on tv..and high school is all about growing up, dumping old friends making new friends,having your heart-broken and it rips good friendships up..example the way angela just dumped sharon..that kinda way...well i hope you all can answer my questions..i'm writting a mscl fan fic on fanfiction.net it's called dreaming beneath the stars and if you get the chance to read and review i could get some insight on the characters..i know angelas character well from watching the show but i'm not to familar with rickie and rayanne..or jordan..but the story takes place before angela dates jordan and before rayanne od's

Oh! does anyone have the mscl theme from the cd that they could send me??? thanks!!

later mscl fans!

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sesame street [27 Dec 2004|10:49pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

i'm at my dads and he has all the good cable channels that i don't get at home. i was watching my so-called life and it was, of course, an episode i haven't seen. the only ones i've seen are the ones on tape at the library (which have now mysteriously disappeared) and the ones my cousin has shown me. i have also read the books based on the show (because i am an obsessed nerd) but could not remember the episode. jordan and angela had broken up but rayanne was singing in his band, and it appeared as if she had a boyfriend. i did, however, recognize the ending when rayanne belted out the sesame street theme song. i dont know, i just thought i'd mention that. i don't remember that episode from the book.
ho hum.
has anyone here ever heard or read the my so-called life books?


I Can Relate [23 Nov 2004|11:38pm]

[ mood | calm ]

"And then one day...I got over him."

~Angela Chase

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