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hey mscl fans


I'm a new to this communitie, i've been watching MSCl for last couple months and i'm tottally addicted, family channel in canada shows mscl monday-thurs at 11..12pm my time.

Last night they showed the pilot which i've only seen twice...i've seen mostly all eps once or twice and there aren't many i fancy, but i can relate to angela..she reminds me of myself,and now since i watched mscl i want to dye my hair red!, but not that kinda red tho..anyways...

i just want to share with all ya mscl fans my favorite eppys that i got to tape..yes..old school using vhs's to tape off tv since i can't find the dvd box, they should re-issue it since mscl is coming back on tv..and i agree it is the best teen drama ever, and jared leto is hot!

anywho, here are my fave eps.

pilot,Halloween,other's peoples mothers,strangers in the house,so called angel

I think so called angel is one of the best episodes, and i love that ep, i cried the first time i saw it because it was so touching, i mean from patti's point of view how she's afriad of losing angela and even though angela can't stand being smothered by her mother there is still something there between them, remember other peoples mothers? i mean when rayanne o'd'ed' i mean angela coulda called someone else, like her dad or someone else but the question is why?, why did angela call her mom for help when rayanne was in trouble. and or why at the end of other peoples mothers after angela and her mom finished talking and angela went into the house, why did patti start crying, was it because she was crying because she was glad it was'nt angela who took those pills, or was she crying over the memory of her friend dying for an over-dose when she was in college and that moment caught up with her,or was she crying because she was holding alot of stuff back and she needed a good cry?, it really stomped me, and even though i've seen other peoples mother's 2 times..i still wonder why is she crying..i just thought maybe because she was glad it was'nt angela..but i still don't understand do you know why she was crying?  well. but i think that ep broke the barrier to angela and patti's relationship. Graham and patti were great on screen parents i think..and rayanne reminds me of a friend i knew in high school..they act indentical...but...if rayanne come we never seen her smoke?, or if the chases' have a cat how come we never see it..and why is daniele always there when angela and her parents are arguing..standing there on the stairs and watching over them like a statue it's like eerie..

and what ever happened between angela and jordan..i know angela was keeping it a secert about wanting to have sex with him, but remember the episode when she said she was going to do it (not remembering the ep name) and just before it ends jordan comes to the chases and graham is pretending to be sleeping on the couch but he's really listening to them talking and even though angela does'nt know. but anyways did they ever do it? or is that why jordan left her because she went back on his promise even though it was something huge like that?  I want the dvd set but i can't find it anywhere or the books because it's outta print and i'm mad at about that because i've seen for the complete series dvd there are episodes on it that never made it to tv or something like that, it's a good teen drama and i wish i had been able to watch it when i was in high school because it coulda prepared me in what was to come..even though high school is'nt what it's pretrayed on tv..and high school is all about growing up, dumping old friends making new friends,having your heart-broken and it rips good friendships up..example the way angela just dumped sharon..that kinda way...well i hope you all can answer my questions..i'm writting a mscl fan fic on it's called dreaming beneath the stars and if you get the chance to read and review i could get some insight on the characters..i know angelas character well from watching the show but i'm not to familar with rickie and rayanne..or jordan..but the story takes place before angela dates jordan and before rayanne od's

Oh! does anyone have the mscl theme from the cd that they could send me??? thanks!!

later mscl fans!

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