Seth B. Doe (sethbdoe) wrote in newmsclfans,
Seth B. Doe

Since it's too pricey to get the DVD sets and since eventually, they'll probably rerelease them, I'm looking to procure the show on DIVX to tide me over. I've checked Torrentspy and LokiTorrent, and had no luck. Can anybody help me out or offer suggestions?

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is there any word of when they will re-release mscl box set?, i mean since it's back on tv..i watch it mon-thurs...i've been looking for the box sets too but getting them used too is expensive.
hey did you ever find a place to download mscl from?
Sadly no. Most of the sites only have a few episodes up, but not all.

My current gameplan is to rent them again from Netflix and try to either tape them (which sometimes works, depending on how good the DVD's security protection is) or rip them to DIVX files (which I've never done before).

If you wish, I can try and hook you up somehow if one of them works. Email me ( and we'll talk.
Most of the sites only have a few episodes up, but not all.

could you link me to the sites? i only want to see a specific episode, and i can't find it anywhere =\

thanks for any help!