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hey lovelies
i realized yesterday just how long its been since i've borrowed those mscl videos from the library. and i realized that i truly must own the DVD collection, or my so-called life will never be complete. ^_^

i just love how you can relate the the characters and everything on so many levels.

so thats what i have to say. wow.
hope you all are well.
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Man, I'd love to buy that new Complete Series DVD but they are stock out on Amazon and I can't find it anywhere.

i know
in my case . . . i just dont have a lot of money and dont really buy stuff off the net.
Lol, I'm not an internet shopper either and I'm pennyless as well..
Ahh, what to do, what to do?
hey... umm... 1st off, i love love looooooove my so-called life. omg. its tha best show ever. and i was just wondering if you guys remember the letter? when i heard it, i almost cried. it was one of tha sweetest thing i've ever heard. well im not really sure what else i can say...

i love this show with all of my heart<3 haha

that dvd has been discontinued for over a year i think? =(
i finally got it today though on eBay for 146.57. A little expensive but SO worth it. I've been waiting for it for so long<3
oh I know its soo expensive
I just started watching that show, on family, and i loved it, so i been downloading some of the episodes, im still missing 6 tho:(