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Our Faithfulness to First Loves : Dear Jordan Catalano

There were not even twenty episodes of My So-Called Life, yet the show has, if you’ll excuse the sloppy (semi) pun, lived on long past its original air date of August 25th, 1994. The one-hour drama centered around Claire Danes as 15-year-old Angela Chase was nothing short of captivating.

Jordan Catalano was the perfect leading man for Angela Chase. That is to say, he was entirely wrong for her, but he was irresistible. That’s how it goes. Our desires are never hardwired for what is easily attainable. Jordan was inarguably frustrating and equally endearing with his enigmatic quality. Not to mention his [ ... ]

I wonder what an aged version Angela, in 2008, would say to Jordan now. Though, I imagine it might go something like this…

Dear Jordan,

Time passes in funny ways. One minute I’m here in my day-to-day life, the world outside a blur as I work and interact with my self-made environment. An environment that I’ve chosen - or maybe it chose me. I can never be sure…

But in the next minute I can find myself in a time capsule, feeling sentimental and silly. And the thing is, I’m not just alone, I am actually lonely in these moments. I suppose it’s because the impressions of the past are too faint to be brought to life by my sheer will.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m back, stuck at the bring of 15. And I’m saying all of these wrong things and still you look at me like I could, somehow, contain meaning. Like, I could be more than [...]

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Our Faithfulness to First Loves : Dear Jordan Catalano

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